Less wise than true

Welcome to my small corner of the internet! I’m honored that you would take the time to visit. If you’re like me, life is busy, and adding another blog to your information fount is probably going to be a tough sell. Let me try to give you a clear picture of what this blog is going to be like. If you’d like, take a quick peak at my About page to get a helicopter view of what this blog will be about. Here are a few additional details of what you can expect:

My aim in writing this blog is to serve you. As a father and a husband, I have found the Christian life to be exciting and challenging. Through these ventures, I have personally learned that God desires to equip his people through community. The life of the Christian mind doesn’t grow in a vacuum. Christian learning, properly done, affects every area of who we are and what we do. Perhaps you will be able to relate to the peaks and valleys in my own life, finding support no matter where you are in yours.

This blog will be looking at some really great books and ideas both in detail and at a run. Right or wrong, good or bad, ideas have consequences. They give structure and coherence to the stories that we tell about ourselves and our world. From Moses to Nietzsche, I’m convinced that we’ll have some interesting and (I hope) life-changing conversation about how we should order our lives in light of what we’re reading.

Finally, this blog will be an attempt to participate in the Christian discourse on cultural engagement. While I would prefer to speak of cultural formation (more on that later), we can begin with working on defining this phenomenon. How can (should?) the church consider interacting with the culture in light of our current social moment?

Please take a second to subscribe if you would like to have these posts sent straight to your email inbox. Don’t worry, I promise not to flood your inbox! Also, since I hope for this blog to be relational rather than didactic, please feel free to voice questions, concerns, etc. via the comments section. You can also email me at BobbyLocklear87@gmail.com

Looking forward to this venture.

Bobby Locklear

5 thoughts on “Less wise than true

  1. Sounds like it’ll be a great read!!! Can’t wait to see more:) so awesome you started a blog.


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