A Tale of Three Options (Or More)- Piper On Christian Cultural Engagement

John Piper recently wrote an excellent piece on Christian cultural engagement that you need to read. As we’ve encountered rapid cultural change in the recent decades (especially so in the last few years), Christian writers have taken up the task of formulating various cultural-engagement proposals for the church to consider. Piper lists a few in his article: The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher, the Wilberforce Option by Peter Wehrner and Michael Gerson, and the Dr. King Option by Gabriel Salguero. Now we just need the Jesus Option, the Paul Option, and the Al Gore Option (for the climate change devotees) to round everything out.


I’m familiar with Dreher and Piper, but I look forward to reading more about these other frameworks.

Cultures change, so I imagine their responses to the church will as well. The church may be more weird in some cultures than others. These options are exploring the tensions that are presenting themselves as the church is striving to be balanced and faithful in its creation of and engagement with culture. If you’ve come across any books, sites, or articles that have helped you practically with these issues please feel free to share for the other readers’ benefit.

What is striking and paradoxical in 1 Peter is the mandate that Christians are to be both out of step with their culture, and compelling in the culture. We are to be weird and winsome. ~ John Piper

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