Always a miracle

Birth is a miracle. Every birth. And every new birth is a miracle. We are all participants in the miracle. We have all been born. Jesus used the birth imagery in his phrase “born from above” (John 3:3, NRSV) to introduce Nicodemus to an equivalent miracle in their famous nighttime conversation. God is in the business of making life, bringing into being what is not. Birth is the name of this act. It is always a miracle.

Naming an event a miracle doesn’t mean we can’t understand it. It means we can’t anticipate it. It means we can’t reproduce it. We cannot control it. There is more going on than we can comprehend. There is more to life than we can account for. Miracle is a word Christians use to name events, at least some of them, that God brings about.

~ From As Kingfishers Catch Fire, a new collection of Eugene Peterson’s sermons. Excellently edited, these sermons provide a glimpse of the candor and earnestness of Peterson’s ministry. They are a gift to the church.

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