About Bobby



Hello there, I’m Bobby Locklear. I’m married with five children and I’m a pastoral assistant at Grace Bible Church in Winston Salem, NC.

I started this blog on a hot July evening in 2015 while I was working full time for my father in law’s remodeling company and finishing that ever-elusive college degree. As busy as things were, this blog was my favorite way to share what I was learning and what was challenging me.

I’m able to do a bit more teaching and preaching now. However, this blog gives me small pockets of quiet to mull over an idea or brainstorm out loud for the internet void to hear. I want to find fresh ways to write about the connections between things that have held my gaze: theology and literature, faith and reason, manual labor and the life of the mind, family and church, love and learning, Christ and culture.

Drop a comment or criticism on a post! I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to be notified of new posts (a few times a month) then simply select the ‘Subscribe’ button below. The peace of the Lord,

Bobby Locklear

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